The Totem Collective
Community Events and Skate Coaching Sydney and Australia


Every year Totem Skate School provide private and group skateboard coaching sessions to thousands of young people around Sydney and New South Wales. Our skateboard lessons are run by experienced coaches who live and breathe the sport.

It is this experience mixed with our genuine love of working with young people that sets us apart from the rest.

Skateboarding is not only our livelihood, it is our passion.

Totem Skateboarding is a Sydney-based events company. We established ourselves in 2010 and have been successfully facilitating skateboard-focused events since. We believe we can develop self esteem, personal identity and self image through positive attitudes and activities - skateboarding is simply our vehicle for this message. Due to our genuine love of working with young people we pride ourselves on the quality of our programs and the creative approach we take to skateboarding.

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