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Totem Skate School have inspired countless people to get out and active over the years. Get an insight into the positive impact our private coaching, community events and school holiday skate programs have had on the lives of some amazing people. 

Amanda and Lucas 6 years old

When my son Lucas began kindergarten earlier this year, he lacked confidence in his abilities as a student. Learning to skate with Nigel has taught Lucas that achievement comes through practice and dedication. Lucas used to give up easily when what he desired wasn’t met on the first go. Skateboarding has shown him that progress is made little by little, through focus and desire. Skateboarding is Lucas’ passion right now, but I think the real reason why it has been so positive for Lucas is because of Nigel. Nigel is an incredible influence on Lucas; he has a natural confidence, a genuine joy for life and an amazing ability to understand, relate to, and communicate with children.

We have seen a tremendous change in Lucas over the past few months; he has found a sport he loves, and through progress and encouragement he feels empowered. He has a more constructive view of the process of learning because of the supportive relationship he has developed with Nigel, and his love for skateboarding. I am so grateful to have found Nigel, and Totem Skate School.


Craig, Sam 8 and Charlie 6

The boys had a great time.  I was really impressed with the whole operation.  I would not have believed you could have five young boys do a skateboarding workshop and not come home with at least one decent scrape or bruise.  Their confidence increased from day one and couldn’t wait to show us what they were learning.

Nigel was fantastic and he has 7 groupies!  The parents all had the best to say.


Lucy, Weave Youth Services Kool Kids Club

Thank you so much for organising the coaches for our skate day. What a dedicated team you have.

We had a fantastic day and the coaches were great. Nigel and Chris had so much energy and stayed around to see the kids paint their skate boards. 

It is so incredible when you come across people that give so much, they coached the kids for hours and really responded well to all the kids needs. 

I would commend them on the day, it was so fantastic and the kids had the best time. Thank you so much. How they work with the kids is really in line with how Kool Kids work. 

Chris even gave one of the kids his shirt as one of the boys loved it. 


Priscilla Hester, Leeton Youth Committee, Leeton Shire Council

The Leeton Youth Committee is a sub committee of the Leeton Shire Council and has a leading role in programs for young people and involving youth actively in these programs.

Nigel and David Cameron have been active members of the committee for many years now. They have been an asset to the committee and we have watched them over the last several years take on more responsibility and step up to leadership roles in the many projects that we have initiated for the youth of the Riverina. 

Their energy and initiative in working on projects is wonderful and they have a special talent in communicating with young people. They have been valued mentors to those younger than themselves and taken time to pass on skills and give guidance. 

I am very pleased to recommend their project to you. David and Nigel have been accredited coaches for years now and have gained experience working with young people, organising skate competitions and music events. The Totem Skate School project is a unique one that I believe will be, not only entertaining for young people, but help them gain confidence and skills they will continue to develop. It would be a wonderful benefit to special needs youth particularly.  



One phone call and the next day i'm learning how to skate, it was a breeze booking and getting everything organised. Aimee was an absolute wizz! Then the coaching was incredible, I couldnt believe how easy Nigel made it especially for an older bloke like me, it was like meditating on four wheels.

Highly recommend this experience!


Cindy Smith , Gundagai Youth Council

 "Totem Skate School absolutley made the day for us at our Skatepark opening in Gundagai.  Their team is extremely professional, friendly and have the patience of angels!  They taught over fifty kids, young and 'not so young', the basics of skateboarding at our park on the day and introduced our community for the first time to what skateboarding is all about - friendship, respect and FUN!!  We could not have hoped for a more fitting start to our skateparks life and if you dont have Totem Skate School booked for your park opening then your community is truly missing out. Thanks Aimee, Nige and Dave you are all so committed, caring and passionate in your work and it has been great to see that rub off on our Skatepark kids, they are all praised for their excellent behaviour and attitude towards other 'spark' users. Thank you so much and can't wait to have you down this way again!"


Tanya Sassoon, Mother to Ty, 6yrs

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the awesome 6th Birthday Party made possible by Totem Skate School.

 My son Ty is obsessed with skating and when he suggested going to the Monster Skate Park in Homebush I was really worried about how to deliver a party different to all others he had been to, yet close enough to Bondi so his friends could come. I then remembered the sticker that we were given one Sunday afternoon when Ty was at the skate park at Bondi Beach.

 On contacting Aimee was met with a prompt reply and great communication, I was able to secure the date that I wanted at a more than reasonable price at a location that ensured Ty’s friends would come.

 On the day of the party Nigel turned up with another member of the team well prepared with a demeanour that ensured all kids felt safe and welcome, most importantly those who had never touched a skateboard. Every child was provided a board and helmet with a smile.

 The kids were divided into 2 groups, those with experience and those without allowing the less patient kids to start skating while those who needed it were given instruction and time allowing them to get excited and prepared to have a go.

 Every child left the party having said that it was awesome, no one had had a party like it and many of them stating that they wanted the same when it was their birthday.

 Thank you Totem for making Ty’s 6th birthday so memorable and enjoyable, we highly recommend anyone considering this as an option.