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“When my son Lucas began kindergarten earlier this year, he lacked confidence in his abilities as a student. Learning to skate with Nigel has taught Lucas that achievement comes through practice and dedication. Lucas used to give up easily when what he desired wasn’t met on the first go. Skateboarding has shown him that progress is made little by little, through focus and desire. Skateboarding is Lucas’ passion right now, but I think the real reason why it has been so positive for Lucas is because of Nigel. Nigel is an incredible influence on Lucas; he has a natural confidence, a genuine joy for life and an amazing ability to understand, relate to, and communicate with children.
We have seen a tremendous change in Lucas over the past few months; he has found a sport he loves, and through progress and encouragement he feels empowered. He has a more constructive view of the process of learning because of the supportive relationship he has developed with Nigel, and his love for skateboarding. I am so grateful to have found Nigel, and Totem.”


“Thank you so much for organising the coaches for our skate day. What a dedicated team you have. We had a fantastic day and the coaches were great. Nigel and Chris had so much energy and stayed around to see the kids paint their skateboards. It is so incredible when you come across people that give so much, they coached the kids for hours and really responded well to all the kids needs. I would commend them on the day, it was so fantastic and the kids had the best time. Thank you so much. How they work with the kids is really in line with how Kool Kids work. Chris even gave one of the kids his shirt as one of the boys loved it.” LUCY, WEAVE YOUTH SERVICES KOOL KIDS CLUB